Earthing Our Homes – Grounded Floors?

By Chet Zebroski

In the previous post we mentioned we would expand on the concept of Earthing in our homes.  As curious designers we ordered a continuity tester from to determine if our floors are grounded in our homes.  One has a raised floor with slate tiles which contact a masonry fireplace with a concrete foundation and the other has a slate tile floor over a concrete slab floor.  To our surprise, both of our homes have large areas of tile that are well Earthed, or grounded.  We can see by using the device that when we stand on the tiled surfaces of our homes, negative electrons are entering our bodies, grounding us and creating the Umbrella Effect.

What’s so good about that?  In addition to the previous article’s list of benefits, one not mentioned is that negative electrons are a source of natural antioxidants!  Here’s a paste from an article at  “The Ultimate Antioxidant: Fight Premature Aging for Free”

“…Earthing systems have emphasized the fact that Earthing greatly reduces your exposure to fields from electrical wiring, using evidence provided by the body voltage meter as shown above. While this is probably correct, reducing exposure to power frequency fields (including dirty electromagnetic fields) is definitely not the most important consequence of Earthing. Far more significant for health is the ability of Earthing systems to deliver antioxidant electrons that stabilize the operation of the immune system and other physiological processes in the body.”

Here’s a link to the article:

So, beyond shielding us from potentially destructive EMF radiation, Earthing is also a natural source of antioxidants which have the capacity to improve our overall health!  Stay tuned and get grounded!