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Earthing the most important health discovery ever cover

By Chet Zebroski

The concept of Earthing is a recent development. The book “Earthing, The most important health discovery ever?” shares the process of discovery and development of the concept of Earthing, or reconnecting one’s self to Earth.

Our bodies are bioelectrical marvels that evolved in direct contact with mother earth. It’s a fact that both the earth and our bodies have an electro/magnetic field surrounding us all the time. We evolved in this manner.

Over the last many decades we have been separated from earth contact by the use of synthetic lined shoes, wood framed floors, multi story housing and offices, etc. We contact the earth far less than our ancestors did. That’s an undeniable fact. In addition, in the same timeframe, technologies have evolved to include new EMF fields that appear to be having a negative effect on our health. Coincidently, we see an increase in health issues in face of medical advances.

While our earlier posts on the subject of EMF’s related to devices that harmonize with or block/redirect the field as means of providing a sense of safety, this post focuses on a completely different approach. According to research, Earthing provides a free flow of negative electrons fed from the earth to counter the multiple effects of inflammation caused by radiation, or exposure to EMF’s. This graphic from page 80 captures the shielding effect quite well:

Unbrella effect Earthing

Our exposure to this new level of radiation (EMF’s) is just one form of pollution which create the inflammation in our blood cells which then may cause disorder in our health. Here’s a list of health issues related to inflammation from pg 63:

Infammation health impact list

The photo below shows how Earthing regularly can assist in the decoupling our blood cells, pg 175.

Healthier blood due to Earthing

This discovery is directly related to the concept of a Healthy Home.  Following up on this important information we invested in a number of Earthing devices.  It occurs to us we should be able to design for a well grounded structure.  We’ll follow up on this in our next article on EMF’s.

In the meantime, keep that cell phone away from your head and do what you can to keep grounded!

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More on EMF’s, RF, Radiation, WiFi, etc. and Our Health

By Chet Zebroski

Recently, we heard another interview about the effects of EMF and Radiation on KPFA.  Thank you Your Own Health And Fitness for bringing this to our attention!

Program description: EMF/RF remediation consultant Michael Neuert discusses how to protect yourself at home and work from electromagnetic fields that can create health problems.

Another resource for understanding the impact of EMF’s and means of protection can be found in this book, Overpowered, by Martin Blank.


“Martin Blank deals with a difficult subject in a scientifically accurate but easily readable fashion. He covers everything from powerlines, to cell phones, to light bulbs, to conflicts of interest, with humor and passion. In this great scientist, we have an unlikely activist and truth teller.”—David O. Carpenter, M.D., Director, Institute for Health and the Environment, University at Albany

An interview with Martin Blank:

Potential related illnesses:

  • Cellular stress, DNA damage, free radicals, gene damage, leading to 
  • Cancer risk increase
  • Increased male infertility
  • Reproductive health risk via prenatal exposure
  • Increased cases of ADHD
  • In children: Increase in headaches /migraines, hearing loss, ADHD

Cell phone radiation is currently a hot topic and this interview emphasizes the impact of the entire EMF range, including light bulbs and their effect on the wiring in our homes.  In his book “Overpowered” he provides a remedy for our homes and beyond.

While both Laurie and I have purchased the Pong case (referenced earlier) for our cell phones, I sent an email to Safe Space Protection to inquire about their alternate method of creating a harmonizing field. Current thinking is that it may be wise to use both, for now.

We’ll share more as we dig in deeper on this important subject.  We’re very interested in the technology that is said to balance the radiation field, rendering it harmless.  The Pong case redirects the radiation, towards the backside of the phone.  One can actually feel the heat building on the backside of the phone when in use.  So, it’s advised to use ear buds, or some other device to keep the phone away from our bodies.

Our long term goal in this research is to discover the issues faced in the home and how to reduce or eliminate the potential hazard in our residential design work.

Electromagnetic Field and Its Potential Effect

SmartMeter PGE

By Chet Zebroski

In a recent radio interview, host Layna Berman interviewed Dave Stetzer about the effects of electro magnetic fields in our buildings and how it effects our health.  …and what we can do about it!  It really attracted our attention as home designers so we wanted to learn more and share.

Layna’s website holds a vast library of interviews and research regarding alternate means of health maintenance.    She and her partner are critical independent voices on the politics and practice of health with Layna Berman and Jeffry Fawcett, PhD.

If interested, follow this link to learn more. The download is free. But, use the search button to find the interview with Dave Stetzer:

Also, here’s a 3min vid to help our understanding of the effects of EMF’s, from Dave Stetzer on same topic: 

Here’s a link to his information laden website:

And a direct link to his products:

Another company we’re interested in is SafeSpace, founded by Joyce Culkin:  Here, too, is a vault of valuable information.

As we learn more about the effects of modern materials and methods it’s best we continue to observe their impact and adjust accordingly for a healthy life.  For now, here are a few links to products we’ve been looking at for EMF shielding:

Cell phone case:

Phone shielding products:

Space clearing device:

 Honestly, we are just now becoming aware of these potential health issues and have a lot to learn and understand before we’ll be fully satisfied we’ve found a solution.    The best advice we can offer is to be aware, research and come up to speed regarding these issues, then apply the appropriate solution for the given situation.  We’ll add more articles here as we learn more.