Home and Garden: Fusing with Nature L2L

By Chet Zebroski

It’s no secret that California is in a severe drought.  While there is discussion of high priced tunnels, desalination plants, and dams to assist in CA’s water needs, conservation is by far the most powerful tool we can make use of.

To emphasize that point, California has recently adopted Grey Water building codes statewide.  There are many new commercial buildings (and residential buildings) that are implementing grey water and rain water systems to offset utility costs and to gain independence from increasing costs related to water.  Not to mention respecting and honoring this precious element.

As an overview, San Francisco has provided a booklet explaining many of the tactics for code approved grey water installation and use.  Some tactics are more complicated than others and requir permits.  While this guide is for San Francisco residents, it’s information applies statewide.  Check with your local jurisdiction to understand what is required in your area.

This post is to inspire homeowners to acknowledge how water use, or conservation, is within our grasp.  One of the easiest tactics available is Laundry-to-Landscape.  L2L simply uses the laundry’s washing machine pump to pump it’s waste water directly into our gardens.  Using the correct laundry soap, this water is perfect for fruit trees which require deep watering, for example.  Using complimentary plantings beneath the tree canopy, this tactic will provide many benefits by way of beauty and nutrition.

Oasis Design, a leading grey water proponent, has many excellent open sourced resources available to inspire conservation and garden layout.

We started our L2L installation last year and intend to complete the runs and preliminary plantings this year.  These few photos share the source connection through the garage to the outside wall.  We’ll be tying into this grey water line and will share those photos when complete.

laundry to landscape