Green is Green… Unplugging from Cable

cablestream graph
cablestream graph

By Chet Zebroski

In the U.S. our paper currency is green.  This article may or may not be considered Green, but…  🙂  I’ll share how we’re evolving our television media intake to conserve our cash.

To put it simply, we’ve abandoned Cable and/or Satellite Dish as a means of television viewing.  It occurred to us how much we’re paying for the service and the value it represents.

Clearly, the fee is way more than what we receive in value when compared to our other ‘investments’.  For instance, I overheard my wife discussing costs with our provider when I heard her state we’re paying over $400 for merely 2 months service!  I immediately called out to her to cut it off.  We’re returning their boxes, thank you very much.

So, we started looking into streaming devices like the Appletv and Roku.

Online there are already people posting the pros/cons of unplugging, so to speak.  Here’s a link to a google search.  There are some excellent articles in that link, so I won’t get into the details here.  Clearly, people are concerned about this kind of Green!

So, we installed an Appletv device in one room and a Roku 3 in another, to checkout and compare the interface.  As many of the articles above explain, it appears as of this writing Roku’s interface is better than Apple’s.  We didn’t feel the need to invest in others as these two were top in the posts we read.

After many months now and some minor adjustments to our viewing habits, we’re totally on board.  We’re seeing less of our “Green” disappearing for no good reason, to be used instead for…  🙂  …things that were underfunded earlier!

A total win/win!  So we ask: Is that Green or what?!

Check it out for yourself and save a little Green.  🙂

Update 1/20/20:

It’s been years now and the proof is in:  Streaming far exceeds our expectations.  The only draw back is having to do our own programming.  It was routine in the past to follow the flow of of the major production channels and their scheduling.  These days alternative channels have saturated the market providing a vast variety of options allowing individual programming, whether entertainment, news, or documentaries.  All from a wide variety of sources, from the multi-national companies to local independents.